We are Larry and Eva Birch and we started this site as a way of sharing news and pictures of
one of our favorite pastimes with family and friends. We became captivated with the Basenji
breed upon bringing home 8 wk. old Tucker on
January 31, 2004. He was a Christmas gift for our son.

Justin had been asking for a dog of his own for over a year. Every gift giving occasion for
almost 2 years all he wanted was a dog. He initially wanted a Bloodhound... we informed him
that since we decided long ago we would never have an outside dog again and I had
nightmares about slobber hanging from the lamps he needed to find another breed. When he
mentioned a basenji, we told him he would have to research the breed and then we would
decide. A kid who hates to read became an expert on the breed so we figured he was serious.
So then I began to read, after which I asked him if he was SURE a Basenji was what he
wanted. Some of the stories I read were pretty scary. We even tried swaying him to other
breeds. When it became obvious his mind was made up we began our search.

To say it was frustrating at times would be a pretty accurate description of our search. We
made phone calls, wrote e-mails and searched web sites. We even went to see a 7 month old
show prospect that a breeder, who is NOW a friend, had available. Justin had his heart set on
a younger puppy so we kept looking. We ran into brick wall after brick wall. We really believe
God knew which puppy was supposed to join our family and closed doors leading other
places for which we are so grateful now.

Justin and I got up early one morning and drove 4 hours to look at a litter of puppies only to
realize that we did not want to buy our puppy there. Disappointed and hungry we drove to the
next town to get some lunch, all the while as I drove I was praying. I asked for help as I had
promised Justin something that it was beginning to look like I was not going to be able to
deliver. I decided before we left town that I was going to go into a Vet's office and ask if they
happened to know anyone with basenjis. I almost cried when the receptionist gave me a name
and number. I promptly called and inquired about their basenjis. I asked if she minded if I
drove over as we didn't live locally but were in the area. Within 10 minutes Justin and I were
standing in immaculate kennels looking at real live Basenjis. After telling Lisa our story, we
were placed on the top of the puppy waiting list. We thanked her and drove home content in
knowing that in about 5 months Justin would finally get his Basenji, "Ch. Birchs I'm A Dream
Come True".
We call him Tucker.

We have since added Milly "Ch. Lacada's Energizer Bunny" and Presley
"Ch. Jazzeta's I Was The One JC" to the family. We actively enjoy showing them in AKC
conformation shows and occasionally participate in field events, but first and foremost they
are cherished members of the family.

News Flash! "Lola" Signet Dangerous Liaison joined the family in March of 2008.
Lola is our first black and we are expecting wonderful things in the future with her both in the
show ring and our home.
We hope that you enjoy the site,
The Birches
Welcome To Our Web
Tucker pictured at 12 weeks.
Tuck on his 4th B'day in Dec. 2007.