One evening Presley who has an appetite like no other, must of rummaged and
found himself a treat that didn't settle well with his belly. He was passing some of
the worse gas you can imagine. I let him and the other two out to potty as usual
before bed. Presley who sleeps with me normally sleeps all night, but at around
1:30 am I feel a tapping on my shoulder and open my eyes, I am nose to nose with
him. He was whining as his tummy must of been urging him outside. He and I start
down the hall, turn the corner into the dining room heading to the back door. We
both stop dead in our tracks! There is someone standing on our deck!
We back up and both rapidly retrace our steps back to the bedroom. I wake Larry
up with "There is someone on our deck". He sits upright and says, "Something or
I assure him it is someone, so he gets up, not bothering to get dressed and walks
down the hall, with me and Presley following in that order. I know he is thinking, my
imagination has gotten the best of me just by his walk. He gets to the end of the hall
and turns the corner and stops dead in his tracks!
He whispers, "Eva where are you"? I being right behind him say,  "me and Presley
are right here."
He then proceeds to walk over to the door, which is full glass with built in blinds,
and opens and closes the blinds 3 times real fast!
I stand there with my gassy dog looking quite puzzled because when he opens the
blinds the person disappears but when they close there the person is. We then
realized, the person was the shadow being cast by the patio umbrella as the moon
shone through the pine trees that line the back of the yard. When we realized all
was safe, we let Presley out to potty and Larry went back to bed. I looked for food
to calm the racing heart.
Presley woke me up later that night needing to go out again and I tell you even
knowing what it was I had to open the blinds and look all around before I could
bring myself to open the door.
The next morning Larry calls me from work, asking if I had seen any more of the
dangerous Umbrella Man. They had been having quite the laugh in the office at mine
and Presley's expense. He did admit to me that he was scared too as it did look
exactly like someone trying to get the back door open. I then had to ask him about
his method of handling such a situation!
Just what was supposed to scare this would be intruder away as he didn't so much
as pick up a butter knife on his way to the door ?
1) The rapid opening and closing of the blinds.
2) The sight of him standing there in his underwear.
3) His wife and her gassy basenji standing behind him as back up.
I will say if there was anyway of getting the scent on the other side of the door that
would of been our best bet as it surely would of run them off.
SOMEONE is on the deck!