The Taco Bell Incident
by Dave Thompson

A few weeks ago Debbie had a kennel club meeting and announced I was on
my own for dinner.  WHHHOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Taco Bell gorge time baby!!

So it’s Thursday night, the Lakers are playing, and I've donned my well
stretched warmups, with plans of making the drawstring pop!!  All three
dogs were loose and pretty quiet, so I had my Grilled Stuffed Burrito
and Crunchy Taco and was settled in the Lazy-Boy ready for tip-off!!!

I started with the burrito and noticed that little %^$%$ Jagger about
three feet away, just out of reach and right in visual line of the
tube.  “^&%$!! Jagger (his registered house name), get outta here!!”  I
made the usual sudden lunge at him a couple of times to make him leaveand he finally bolted...into the
living room with Allie. I noticed both
of them sitting and touching (that never happens) and staring at me
from the doorway.  That's ok, at least they are out of the way of Laker play!!

Finally back to relaxing and I took the next bite.  Suddenly Jagger
shot from a sitting position like he was in the LGRA box and I thought
he was just terrorizing one of the cats.  That's cool, at least he's
not in my hair!  He was gone for a few minutes and came back and sat
near my feet again.  This time he was chewing on something....a Cat
Crunchy......(nice fresh feline turd wrapped in litter)  Well, THAT got
me out of my chair and after his nappy little butt!  He grabbed his
turd and SHOOOOMM!!!  Took off, nails scraping at 10,000 rpm on the
wood floor.

Now, in order to leave my chair in such a rush, I had to throw my Taco
Bell goodies in the chair while I went after Jagger, like Homer Simpson
after Bart, to wrestle that infernal turd away from him.

Allie..The love of my life.  I forgot all about her. She had been
sitting in the other room watching all of this, I guess, and shot
behind me over to my chair, and FOOOOM!!!!  She GRABBED MY
BURRITO!!!!!!  Paper and all she scurried away, wild eyed with her
prize as I glanced over my shoulder, realizing what she had done!!  I
gave up the Jagger pursuit and took off after her to try and rescue my
now well-traveled and soon to be devoured fold-over!!

Jagger.  When I made my about-face to go after Allie, I heard the
tell-tale "CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK”...OF.........TOENAILS!!!!!  Like
Carl Lewis out of the blocks, that little S#%^ ran behind me the other
way while I was chasing Allie and grabbed my remaining Taco from the
chair!!!!!  There I stood in the middle of the floor enraged and the
only thing remaining on the floor??  Jagger's well used CAT CRUNCHY!!!!
Bon Appetit...

Remember those old cartoons when something was pulled over on some poor
slob and he turned into the giant sucker??   Meet Mr. Sucker......Two
little dogs, communication, planning, tool usage, deception and a
vision of a human's retaliation to benefit both of them.

Anyone have an old Jack Russell Terrier??  I'll make ya a GREAT
two-for-one deal!!!

        Dave "Sucker" Thompson