Yesterday, I decided to take a break from painting and walk down to Annie's Frozen Custard which is about 2 blocks
from my house.  I hadn't done anything with Jagger lately so I thought I would grab his leash and collar and take him with
me.  When I went out the front door, Jagger was licking something down in the grass---it was what was left of a
squirrel---he had already eaten everything but it's head and it's left paw!  Eeeeewwwww!

So we started off to Annie's for ice cream and I'm walking beside Jagger mentally listing the medicines I would now need
to give him such as tapeworm medicine, flea spot stuff, etc.  We arrived at Annie's and I ordered my caramel
cheesecake concrete (made with "light" custard, of course) and we sat down at one of the concrete picnic tables.  Now
Jagger usually sits beside me on the bench and patiently waits for that last bite of ice cream and his opportunity to lick
the cup clean.  But as he sat next to me, he all of a sudden started making those "grrrka grrrka" noises that they make
right before they start heaving.  Man, I didn't want him to urp there at Annie's!  I pushed him off the bench to get him
away from me, and he proceeded to upchuck the entire internal organs of that squirrel.  I was mortified!

Next, I ran up to the window and told them I MUST have a bunch of paper towels or a grocery sack or something
IMMEDIATELY!  The boy at the window wanted to know what for.  I explained that my dog had eaten a squirrel and had
just thrown up the entrails on his asphalt.  He handed me a paper bag.  I said, "No, I need some paper towels or
something!"  Then he handed me a 3" stack of tiny little napkins that you wrap around your ice cream cone.  I grabbed
them and ran back to the "pile."  (Jagger, in the meantime, is feeling so much better now.)  

Then the boy from the window decided he should come look at this spectacle.  When he arrived on the scene, I was
trying to figure out how to scoop up the pile of organs with little tiny napkins.  He took one look at that and muttered "uh,
I think I'll just let you handle this" and ran back into the building.  I finally got them scooped up and tossed into the little
paper bag he had given me at first.  Then took it over to their big trash barrel and tossed it in.  After that, I went back to
my ice cream and sat down to eat it as if nothing had ever happened.  

Thank goodness there was only one other customer there at that time of day.  If it had been full of people with their little
kids there, all wanting to pet Jagger, I would have just died.  We still don't know how Jagger managed to catch the
squirrel in the first place.  He's so clumsy, we're thinking he must have stumbled and fallen on it and knocked it out. <g>  
Either that, or he saw it and started to spin so quickly in the yard and stirred up so much dust that it choked to death.

Debbie B-T
Squirrel Pot Pie
Contact Jagger Thompson for recipe!
Excellent served with Ice Cream...
though a bit too heavy before exercise!