I am officially asking all you Basenjis and other fur friends to join me in my
boycott against Snickers! What they say on TV is wrong!! When you are
hungry DO NOT "Grab a Snickers."

        "They are Bad and will make You sick and your Mom cry!"

Dear Friend,
I need to warn you about something I learned the hard way. Mom came home from Sam's
and put a box of snickers in our room. I haven't met this Sam but when ever Mom goes to his
house he sends stuff home with her. Anyway she pulled the door shut behind her and said
those were for her Valentines. Valentines have hearts on them and well who has a heart on
them? "ME"!
Later I was watching TV and it said You Hungry? I thought to myself I think maybe I am. The
TV said Grab a Snickers! I thought well I think I might just do that. I wondered at the time
why Mom put the box in our room but now it was making perfect sense. I figured she must of
heard my tummy growl the night before. Besides she said they were for her valentines.  I
went on back and pushed on the door.  It opened! Perfect I wouldn't have to disturb Mom and
ask her to get me one. I politely opened the box and got one. I jumped up on the bed and ate
it. It was soooo good. Just one more would hit the spot. Tucker came back and said he was
going to tell Mom so I told him where they were. He decided that he would have one too. We
decided we had better shut the door before Milly came in. She has nooo control and would
probably eat way more than she needed. We were having a pretty good time... Then Dad
came home. Dad called Mom and she when she saw the room she started counting... when
she didn't get past 10 she started really searching. Then she went to each of us and smelled
our breath and then she went searching again. She told Dad I can't find anymore than 10. I
guess she was really hungry too. I tried to tell her that one was probably plenty cause the
ones I ate were making my belly hurt. Tucker acted like he didn't have a tummy ache
because I think he heard Mom say she was calling Dr. Susan.
 Dr. Susan told my mom that I needed to go to the hospital since my tummy was so upset.
When we were walking in the door of the hospital Dads phone rang. When he hung up he told
Mom Tucker threw up too. So Dad went back home to get him. The Dr. said I needed an IV
and some charcoal. I thought of all nights really I didn't feel like grilling maybe later when my
tummy felt better we could come back. She also said I was going to have to spend the night.
 The Dr. put a needle in my arm and wrapped a Hot Pink wrap around my arm. Since I am a
boy the blue would of looked better but I decided I could save it for Allie Thompson cuz I
know she likes that color, but the Dr. threw it away.... Sorry Allie. She then put me in a cold
metal cage with a towel, I thought Mom is sure going to have to curl up to sleep in here. Mom
sat with me for awhile and waited for Dad to bring Tuck. Tucker came and he got some black
stuff put in his tummy but they didn't put a needle in his leg. They said he could go home if
Mom would watch him all night. I thought how is mom going to watch him all night when she
was staying here with me? My mom came over to me and said I love you pooh, that is a little
name she calls me sometimes when we are cuddling. She was crying and then she left. Hey,
wait...This was looking real bad. Can you believe she left me there all by myself with the lady
who put black stuff down my throat with a tube? I had a hard time sleeping cuz the phone
rang almost every hour. They told whoever called that I was doing fine. I think it was mom
because I bet she didn't sleep too good either without me to keep her warm. If these people
thought I was doing fine they obviously didn't know that I usually sleep in a real bed with real
blankets! I told them several times that this arrangement was definitely not fine. Morning
came and I heard a voice that I knew. It was my Mom! She came to get me..... I was so glad
to see her and she hugged me close. She put my green fleece on me cuz it was cold and
rainy outside.
We came home and I got some boiled hamburger, rice and baby food. Tucky got some too.
Mom even gave a little bit to Milly cause she looked sad. I told you this cause I don't want
you to get sick too and have to go to the hospital like me. Stay away from SNICKERS, They
are not good for you! They make you not feel good and besides Mom says they cost way too
much money!
If you ever do have to go to the hospital, tell them you are my friend. I am sure they will
remember me. I told them all about me while I was there. I also recommend you ask for a
lower bed cuz they did look bigger. If I had one of those Mom would of fit just fine. Also
better take your own blanket and pillow cuz they only had towels and newspaper there. They
are pretty nice at the hospital but I really think someone ought to tell them you are supposed
to cook with that charcoal stuff in the grill not swallow it. They obviously had tried it
themselves because they knew the only way they were going to get it down me was with a
tube down my throat.
I am going to go take a little nap and let Mom hold me cause she really acts like she is sorry
that she let them poke me with that needle.
                                                                Your striped friend,
                                                                        Presley Birch
         Though this story is on the humor page of our site Please do not think we found the event funny
nor have taken lightly the seriousness of what took place. Due to the overwhelming guilt I felt a part of me
wanted to just forget this ever happened but the message was too valuable to not be shared. I put a lot
of thought into how to tell the story. At the suggestion of a friend the story unfolded in Presley's
perspective. Obviously due to the fact he had no idea what danger he had put himself in by over indulging
it had a comical twist. I also found after many tears were shed the humor applied a healing salve to my
raw nerves.
  Many of you out there may be under the misconception that this type of accident only happens to
irresponsible, negligent people. If you are one of those people please carefully step down from your
pedestal before you fall off and either you or your furry friend gets hurt. If you walked into our home you
might think I was over the edge paranoid about the basenjis. We have a child lock on our refrigerator due
to an over achiever who lives with us. A sign with the picture of our 3 is posted on the front door asking
that care is taken that they do not slip out. Our Vet probably knows my voice over the phone before I say
who I am. I take their safety and health very seriously. I had pulled the door shut behind me upon leaving
the bedroom. It only takes one time not double checking something like a door latching behind you to
bring about this sort of event.  
       The facts are there were 14 full size snickers Bars unaccounted for. When Larry opened the door 2
dogs ran out and were immediately joined by the 3rd. He didn't know which 2 had been in the room which
is why I was smelling their breath trying to determine just who was involved. We found 4 wrappers in the
bottom of the closet and the rest were on the bed. We and the Vet assume by their reaction that Presley
ate the majority as he was a lot sicker than Tucker and they weigh very close to the same thing. It was
scary, frustrating and costly but we were the fortunate ones. The ER Vet told me this happens a lot
especially around Holidays and the outcome isn't always as good as ours.
   I also want to put to rest the theory they will learn their lesson. Presley came home from the hospital
and that evening when we went to go to bed he trotted directly to where he had found his treasure
sniffing intently for leftovers.
  Don't be too quick to say stupid dog....How many things have you continued to do that is proven to be
bad for you?
Thank you Susan for being the optimistic voice on the telephone that kept me grounded. Dave and Debbie
thanks for talking me into a semi state of calm. Your words and encouragement helped a lot. Larry
probably has your number on speed dial now. I also need to apologize to my family for falling over the
edge a couple of times onto frayed nerves.