We LOVE the Basenji and will always have one living in our
home. After experiencing the antics of this highly intelligent
and affectionate breed, life would seem pretty blaw without

They are very clean dogs. Some people refer to their
grooming habits as being cat-like. Getting wet and muddy is
not normally a Basenji's idea of a good time. They also do
not have a "offensive doggy" odor typical of some dogs.
They require very minimal grooming. I call them my wash
and wear dogs.

Barkless.... now that is a pretty appealing concept to most
people. Upon hearing that statement the most common
response is:

"That Is The Kind Of Dog I Want."

Wait a minute, I said "Barkless" not "Mute" and believe me
there is a BIG difference. True, they do not bark! On the
good side they have a very melodious "Yodel". The head is
thrown back, nose pointing straight up: a sort of howl with a
ooooo sound. Larry gets tickled when I try and demonstrate
it for people. Tucker has the prettiest voice which he will
only use when the door bell is rung. Then there is the
ba-roo, Presley is our most vocal in this. If someone has
something he wants he will bow down, front legs laying flat,
butt in the air and roo at them. It makes me smile every time
I hear it.
They also can whine, growl and upon occasion make a
noise that sounds like something you would not want to
meet in a dark ally.

So far you may be thinking that you want a basenji of your
own. They sound almost perfect don't they?

The truth is.... a Basenji isn't a dog that would meet the
ideal companion needs for most people!

Before you ever think about getting a Basenji you need to
carefully and thoroughly research the breed. Adding a
basenji to some homes and lifestyles would be a disaster
both for the Human and the Basenji.

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