2007 New Years Goals and Resolutions!
My name is Milly and I also
live with the
Birch Family.
In 2007 I will figure out a way to dig in
the backyard without
messing up my newly painted toe nails!
My Goals for 2007 are to not
only continue in my current
profession of Private
Investigator but also to try and
convince Presley that it isn't a
compliment when people call
him a MBB.
(Mama's Brindle Brat)
He thinks they are saying MVP!
As you can tell I am the brains
of the family!
In 2007 I will expand my thriving

"Presley's Shredding"

Toilet Paper to Official Documents!
I'm at your service.
My name is Presley and I
live with the
Birch family.
Jazzeta's I Was The One
Ch. Lacada's Energizer Bunny
Ch. Birchs I'm A Dream Come True
My name is Tucker
and the Birch Family
lives with me.
This Spot is reserved for a Special Basenji who happens to own a Show Me Basenji Club Member!
New Years Resolutions or Goals!
Hey Basenjis share something you would like to
change, accomplish or see happen in 2007.
Share Picture and Statement.
Send Pictures or Suggestions to ebirch1@juno.com
My name is
Allie Brown-Thompson, and
I'm going to start my own
clothing line in 2007, which
specializes in outfits for Mardi
Gras parties.
Allie shares her home with
Dave Thompson & Debbie
I resolve to be
even cuter in
than I was in
My Name is
Jagger Brown-Thompson.
My home is where
Dave Thompson and Debbie Brown Thompson call home.
Ch Jazzeta Patton Leather No Lace, SOR, GRC, TT
Lady Zoie of Deerfield
Kibushi-Jadaka's Song of Meowl
My goal for 2007
is to make sure
Debbie loses
weight, and to go
with her down
every bicycle trail
in Madison
My Name is
Quinn Brown-Thompson.
I live with Dave and Debbie too!
In 2007, I vow to spread the
word of owning a Chowsky
(chow/husky mix) , they make
GREAT big brothers!!"
My Name is Zoie.
The Rehfeldt family belongs to me!
Ch. Berimo Signet Somewhere N Time JC, SOR, ORC, GRC,
Our resolution for 2007 is to hunt
more chipmunks and squirrels, and
even catch some this time!.
Our Names are Piper and Gabe,
Eva Allen is happy we chose to live with her!
Gabe (red) is Khamsin Trumpeter Gabriel; Piper Allen who is rescue is an excellent example of
why to consider giving someone a second chance at a forever home.