I just love the wrinkles that appear down
the rump above Tuck's tail when he gets
on his rear legs! He uses his paws like
hands so you ALWAYS have to make
sure everything is pushed back on the
counter top! It sometimes amazes me
how far he can reach!
If I am in the Kitchen more
than not so is Presley! If you
ever hear I have a broken leg
it will probably be because
I fell over him! He literally
wraps his body around my
legs. When I bake especially
if it is something for the
basenjis he plants himself in
front of the oven and has to
be made to move in order to
open the door!
After much research we decided to switch our dogs to a Raw Natural diet and have
been pleased with the results of that choice. We do give baby carrots and apple
slices as treats but Hey everyone likes Home made cookies too! So I got on the
Internet in search of recipes I felt comfortable with.
These are our favorites....