My Song For You!
Miss Allie teaching Baby
Brother Quinn to sing!
You can sure tell Allie
comes from a musical
What lovely form...
signs of professional
Baby Quinn's Solo!
Allie & Quinn live with
Dave & Debbie Thompson
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Miss Milly thinks if she gets on the sofa
she can sing the soprano on the chorus!
The smooth even voice is Tucker. He also is always the
one to start the group. Not sure if that is just a personality
thing or if it is due to him being the Alpha Male. Basenjis
have a very strong pack order built into them which can
make living with them quite adventurous from time to time.
The high pitched voice preceded by the short choppy yips
is Miss Milly. Presley was pretty quiet during this session
but if you listen carefully you will hear a low gravely voice
that has a rooing tone. Well that is the Brindle Brat.
Hey this sound was all completely provoked! On the most
part our Basenjis are pretty much non vocal. They follow
the rule unless you have something worth saying remain
silent. Don't you wish some of the people you deal with
daily had the same motto! hahahaha
Tucker our featured
Contributes a ROOOOOO