Mexican Dip?!?!
3 Basenjis give our's an African Twist!
Before I start the story I think you ought to know all the players.
Tucker is a beautiful 3 year old male. He is a finished AKC Champion and has the sweetest
personality you could ever hope for. He is always assessing the room for opportunity. He is
not the most mischievous of our 3 though he wouldn't be a basenji if he never found himself in
a questionable circumstance once in awhile. Tucker is a brainiac, he can manipulate the
latches on crates, open the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, get his lead off the hook and he can
do the cutest ballerina dance for a treat.         Milly is our only girl and she too will soon be 3.
She is also a finished AKC champion. Milly is not a very big girl but she is fast and can steal
stuff from the boys before they know what happened. Milly loves stuffed animals and it isn't
uncommon to see her carrying one around. In fact I have to stroll the yard from time to time
picking up the ones she grabbed on her way out the door and failed to bring back in.
Presley is 2 years old and is a spoilt brindle brat. Presley is one major away from his AKC
Championship. Presley really likes shredding paper, eating and sticking close to his Mom.
Larry is my husband and he is the one who takes the dogs into the ring. He loves them and I
have even heard him talk to them in baby talk before though he would deny it. He thinks I
sometimes let them get away with too much.

Saturday morning and early afternoon we were cooking for the Birch family
Christmas party that was going to be that evening. I had made a 7 layer Mexican dip
which was in the refrigerator chilling and Larry had baked all kinds of the stuff that
we all eat way too much of during the holidays. We finished up and I went down to the
computer so I would quit taste testing. Larry went to take a shower and get ready to
go. The kids had already walked over to Larry's brothers house where the family had
started to gather.  I was sitting at the computer sending a Christmas picture to the
Basenji Pix List when I hear, "EVAAAAAAAA" in a voice that usually is a signal the fur kids are
going to be in need of a defender. I get up and 3 basenjis meet me on the stairs. This too is a
indicator they are in trouble and I asked them just what had they done.  My heart was feeling
sick as I thought Oh please don't let it be that tray of Chocolates!
I walk into the kitchen and I can tell Larry is about to pop a gasket. I looked over
his shoulder and the tray of goodies looked untouched, which I let out a relieved sigh.
For  brief moment I thought maybe it wasn't the Basenjis this time.  I said What is
wrong? He said through gritted teeth, "Look in the refrigerator!" I opened the door
and on the bottom shelf sat my quite large pan of Mexican dip. Not exactly as I had left
it. It was now 2 thirds gone. There were small paw prints in the area. I then looked
down and at my feet  stood Presley who had followed me back up the stairs.
On his feet was traces of refried beans and sour cream. For those of you who don't know this,
Our Tucker can open just about anything including the refrigerator.
I had a problem for sure! I had a furious husband, 2 basenjis who were smart
enough to know that the kitchen was not the place to be at that instant, 1 who thinks it
is safe anywhere anytime as long as his mother is present even if he happens to be
wearing incriminating evidence on his person and me with a giggle that wanted so
bad to escape from my body. I had one hour to go to the store purchase ingredients, and cook
and assemble another pan of dip. I sure didn't want to explain to my mother in-law what had
happened to the first one.
I put the 3 heathens into their crates and grabbed my purse and keys. Larry went
with me and on the way home I thought I ought to try and build a bridge.  I crossed my
arms and said "You know that makes me mad too." He told me I should remove the
smirk from my face to make my act remotely convincing. I guess he could see my reflection in
the van window.     
We got it all together and were even on time for the party. Larry did tell the Basenjis that they
were all 3 most definitely sleeping in their crates that night.
The next day we told Ashli what had happened and she said, " You know I was wondering why
that dip wasn't very cold since it had been in the refrigerator all day." I am so glad she kept
that thought to herself the night before. Larry then looked
at me and said he was aware that I had slipped Presley into bed that night.
We usually have quite a noisy scene when someone happens upon a tasty treasure.
Would you believe those three were harmoniously sharing? Larry said  he came
around the corner and saw 3 curly tails sticking out of the refrigerator. They probably looked
like 3 pigs at the feed trough.

         I didn't think it was a good time to ask him if he snapped a picture!