We got home last night from a dog show weekend. The garment bag
was put across the bed while everything was unloaded from the van. It
was nice out so we decided to go for a walk around town to sort of
drive the kinks of the long drive out.
Well Ashli had already gone to her bedroom and not thinking left the
basenjis uncrated as they had been crated a lot over the weekend. As
we walked in the front door they met us as usual. I looked around and
everything looked to be in order......Larry went down the hall to the
bedroom and I heard..."EVA YOUR DOGS". They are always mine when
they are naughty. They knew they were in trouble. Presley stuck to me
like glue.
Today I had to bail them out again by replacing the jackets. We leave
for another show Friday and I failed to convince him no
one would notice the holes. As we walked out of the store I
proclaimed, "OK I have redeemed them, in fact I am one jacket ahead
as we got 3 and they only chewed 2 this time." He failed to see the
humor, my silly furkids keep me in trouble sometimes.

 Larry did at one point say it was partially his fault this time for not
hanging them in the closet.
African Basenji Moth!
Though very beautiful... can be highly Destructive.
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