Miss Allie Brown-Thompson
Mr. Malcolm Brown-Thompson with a
basenji puppy!
Mr. Tjupa Hartness
Miss Hershey Birch
She lives close by and comes over to play
in our back yard. The boys say her tail isn't
curly and she can't quite make the hairpin
turns, but she's OK!
Miss Tasha Hartness
Mr. Jagger Brown-Thompson
Who just happens to be Presley's
Mr. Quinn Brown-Thompson
Miss Zoie Rehfeldt &
Mr. Seuss Schultis
Mr. Danny Jacobs
Miss Tinker Bell Molloy
Cowboy Zapata & Friend.
Miss Snickers Flohrschutz
Piper Allen
TJ giving Linda a special
Mothers Day Hug!
Miss Jazzy Birch
Jazz is our
She lives with
Matt, Alissa
Abbi, William &