Presley's Letter To:
"Let's Ask Allie"
and her reply
which was published in the Jan/Feb Issue of
The Basenji
Dear Allie,
I am writing you because you are a girl, and you live with 2 boys also.
Maybe you can explain Milly to me. Milly is the girl that lives at my
house. She and Tucker already lived here when I came. Tucker loved
me and let me curl up with him. He would play with me and I tagged
along behind him everywhere he went. Milly used to beat me up all
the time when I was a little baby, and now that I am bigger she
sometimes thinks she can still boss me around. Gee she is even
harder to get along with when she is wearing those girly pants!
Do you like one of the boys at your house better than the other? I am
a handsome brindle boy who wears his heart on his chest for the
world to see. Why do you suppose she treats me So Cruel? This has
really gotten me all
Shook Up! Why can't she just Love Me Tender?

From Presley in Kansas
Dear Presley,
I can certainly sympathize with Milly. My humans did the same
thing to me. It was just me and my boy dog for so long, then she
brought home a second boy one day. What did I need a second
boy for? It's hard enough to just keep one boy in line! Milly
probably feels the same way. She and Tucker were probably best
friends, then all of a sudden when you came it upset her balance.
I'm sure she loves you very much, but your probably going to
have to find your own girl. Tucker probably doesn't want to share
her with you anyway.
As for her girly panties she wears, if she is wearing them for the
reason I think she is wearing them, then you REEEAALLY want to
stay away from her right now. I can tell you she feels puffy,
irritable, and wants to be left alone for a little while. Besides that,
I get the impression that you're still fairly young and you
probably don't want the responsibility of a family yet. (and if you
don't know why I brought that up, then you're definitely too
Just be patient. In a month or so, everybody will be happy again.
Milly will stop snarking at you as much and Tucker will want to
play with you again. You'll eventually find your own girl, too. Us
girls like a handsome Hound Dog that's cuddly like a Teddy Bear.
                                                Be Patient,
(who actually used to have a crush on a handsome brindle boy years ago)