Presley,                                                                                                                                   July 11, 2007

You're now a Champion show dog.  When you went into the indoor yard last time, the judge picked you over dozens of
other dogs and gave you a bunch of points.  So now you have a "ch" in front of your name.  And Tucker and Milly have to
call you Sir now instead of Stinky.  

Did everyone clap when you got your ribbon?  When I won my last big set of points, everybody around the Basenjis
clapped for me.  Debbie said it's because I'm more special than the other dogs.  My sister, Allie, is a champion, too.  She
has a "ch" in front of her name.  Quinn doesn't have any letters in front of, or in back of his name.  
It's because he's stupid and ugly.  Oh, and he's noisy, too.

Well, I think I'm from Colorado.  I've never been to Africa.  So you think you're from Finland?  Huh.  I wonder how it is
we're related then.  My sister, Tilly, must have gone to Finland once for a dog show I guess.

                                                                                       I hope to see you soon

Are you going to Tulsa this year?  I'll be there so we can see each other.  (Don't get too close to Debbie, of course.)  We
can compare stories of things that have happened to us since we added the Ch to our names.

Dear Uncle Jagger,                                                                                                                                                                        July 11, 2007
 Did your Mom tell you what I did this weekend? If she did would you please write me so I know too?
 The weekend started out like always. We got our baths and loaded the van and drove to the place where we all sleep in one room. I didn't
notice it being any different except this time your family was there too. By the way where were you and Allie? Quinn said something about the
pound and him being the favorite but I didn't believe him.

After Mom took me potty Dad put on one of the coats that the pockets smell good and we went to the place with all the dogs. Mom put me on
the table like she always does because I think it is easier for her to kiss my nose cuz she doesn't have to lean over to do it. Tucker told me that
she puts that powder stuff on me because I stink. Milly said that Mom had to do that so the lady with the ribbons could get close to me. They
said Mom never had to put any on them cause they were Red and Red dogs smell better.

Anyway Dad and I went and ran around that indoor yard like we always do, but this time it seemed to be a big deal. When the lady who sells
ribbons gave me a Purple one I went to look for Mom. When I came out everyone was hugging, I got kind of scared when I saw my Mom cry. I
said,  "Hey I didn't eat any Snickers... honest... you can smell my breath". But she really didn't act sad in fact she was smiling real big. She
always hugs me when me and Dad get done running in the indoor yard and says I was the prettiest boy out there but I think maybe she might of
squeezed me even a little tighter this time.

This is where I am confused.... She whispered in my ear that She knew I could do it and she was soooo proud of me. Jagger just what did I do?
I did the same thing I always do...I stood by Dad and tried to keep track of where Mom was and who she might be holding. I have to rub all over
her to cover up the smell every time we go to buy ribbons because so many other dogs try and act like she is their mom. Then Dad and I went
and ran around in that little yard with the white fence like we always do. Someday just for fun I might jump over the fence, I bet my Dad would be
surprised. I know my Mom would laugh she laughs at everything I do. When the lady with the ribbons came to look at me I did whisper that my
Mom really likes purple. I always sort of thought the striped ribbons were neater so I usually asked for one of those. So when I went back in the
next time I asked the lady for a Blue & White striped one. Other than that I can't say anything was any different.

You know I still sleep with Mom she still tells me I beautiful, I still get extra bites when I help her cut up meat for our
dinner.                                                         Sometimes My Mom just smiles real big and say's, "Oh Pooh you are Finish".
                                                         Jagger aren't we African? I don't think I know anyone from Finland.
                                                                                        I hope to see you soon Love Presley
Presley & Jagger

It isn't always easy being a
Beautiful Striped boy!
Lucky for Presley he always has his
Uncle Jagger to turn to for advice and
explanations of life!
This page has different letters that have been written
back and forth between the 2 of them.
Have you ever tried looking at life through anothers
Ch. Jazzeta's I Was The One JC
Ch Jazzeta Patton Leather No Lace, SOR,
Jagger lives with Dave Thompson and Debbie Brown-Thompson.
Jagger is truly Presley's Uncle. Jagger is Presley's mothers littermate. This relationship between our 2 striped boys has
paved the way to a wonderful friendship that will last a lifetime.
Hey Uncle Jagger,
Guess what? I asked Mom where I was born and she said Derby! That explains why I like to RUN!
Get it! Derby Day .....Horse races! rooohooooroo hoo I crack my self up! I think this Champion thing is making me smarter.
Hi Presley!                                             February 2, 2007

I'm sending you more email so that you will get some and Tucker
and  Milly won't.

We had snow last night, so when I went out to potty this morning,
my  feet got sort of cold.  But on the other hand, it's easier to find  
where the squirrels have walked after it's snowed.

Do you eat hip joint treats?  They're brown and have 3 sides.  
Debbie  gives us a hip joint treat every night now.  I don't know why
we eat  them and why they're different from other treats, but she
says that  we need them for our joints.  Actually, I don't really know
what a  joint is.  But if she says I need them, I guess I do.  They
taste  good, so whatever.

I'm going to be in a parade with Debbie in a week or so.  We both  
dress up in purple and wear beads, then we go to this place where  
there's millions of other dogs, and then take a walk.  Sometimes it's  
a lot of work for me to protect her from that many dogs, but luckily,  
most of them don't try to bother us.  Lots of people usually take my  
picture.  Then when it's over, we eat eggrolls in the back of the car  
and get warm.  You should come walk with us sometime.

Well, I have to go now.  Debbie is going to work and I have to take  
my morning nap.

Dear Jagger,                                                                          November 28, 2006
  I am sooooo glad you wrote to me. Just wait until I tell Tucker and Milly! They
laugh when I get on Mom's lap checking for any e-mails to me. Tucker and Milly
say I am just trying to hog Moms lap cause NOBODY is going to write to me
anyway. They don't think I have any friends cause they say my stripes make me
stink like I'm rotten. It has gotten worse since when we went to the Post Office
down town. Milly got paper mail... now she gets to put some letters in front of her
name that make her special like Tucker. They said Red dogs are better than
striped dogs and they have papers to prove it. I told them my Uncle Jagger had
letters in front of his name too and he has stripes. When Mom wasn't listening Milly
said she heard striped dogs get more striped ribbons than solid purple ones!
Tucker said I couldn't get a major sitting on Mom's lap so I probably wouldn't ever
get papers in the mail making me special. I think he has been talking to Linda
Ehlers at the dog shows.  
  The weather has been really warm here too. Me, Tucker and Mom just got back
from a walk. Mom says tomorrow it is going to get really cold and we would have to
get out our sweaters. She said it was going to snow. Milly didn't go on our walk
because Dad didn't feel like going. I really think it is because Mom painted her
nails and she is afraid of chipping them. After we got our baths today Mom put the
stuff on us like we were going to a show. I really don't mind because when we
snuggle she says I smell soo good.
  Hey could you ask Allie if she thinks I'm cute. I figure it this way. Mom doesn't
seem to mind it when I get striped ribbons, anyway she always whispers in my ear I
did good and she loves me a bunch. She also said the judges must of lost their
glasses because I was the most handsome boy in the ring and I should of gotten
the purple ribbon. If you can't trust your Mom to tell you the truth who can you
trust! If the basenji girls think I'm cute..... I asked Milly and I won't repeat what she
said but if Mom had heard she would be in big trouble probably even have to get
her teeth brushed. I figure sisters don't count anyway, she has always sort of had
a problem with me. Besides Allie is sooo pretty and smart and has a career too
and she also has those special letters. If she says I'm cute then what do I have to
worry about.  
  We decorated our tree this weekend. Do you have a boy tree or a girl tree?
Ours must be a girl because after Dad and the boys sat it up Mom put a skirt
around it. No fair... You mean your Mom lets you pee pee on your tree! Gosh you
are soo lucky! Our Mom lets us lay under ours and that is just about it. The first
Christmas I was here I could run around under the tree. You know our Tree
shrunk while it was up in the attic and now I hit my head on the branches. They
hung all these toys and lights on it but told us we had better not touch them. Mom
did find those silly Christmas collars. We were sort of hoping Santa took them for
his basenjis. When I saw them I thought OH NO Milly has matching panties! That
means nothing but TROUBLE. Luckily Mom didn't get them out this year. So we
might have a Merry Christmas after all.  
  Well I had better go, Mom may need me to keep her company while she watches
TV. Can I help it I love my MOM. She never says I stink.
LOVE Presley