Ace's Story
Our love of the Basenji breed has brought into our lives so much more than we ever
dreamed when we brought home our 1st red bundle of basenji cuteness. We became
involved in showing and though we are so priveldged to hold claim to successfully
showing all four of our gang to their AKC Championships the most important award
we have received is in the form of friendships that in many instances are more like
We share in everyday victories and struggles. We laugh and we cry together.... We
know that when we need a shoulder, ear or just someone to stand beside us they are
Ace and her family are among those we hold dear so it really effected us in a personal
way and I think the message is so important I asked Jessica if I could add it to our
web site.
Back in this summer of 2006 Ace's blood was drawn and sent in to help with the research
being done to find a DNA test for Fanconi.

In the fall of 2007 a Linked Marker test for Fanconi was made public, it was not 100% but it
was better that nothing. In September of 2007 Ace was tested and came back "Probably
Carrier.” Soon after that her three pups were also tested. Joker and Harley Quinn both came
back "Probably Carrier" and Ra's came back "Probably Affected."

This past December and January Ace had been drinking more water and started having potty
accidents in the house. So I took her in to see Dr. Carter for what I thought was a UTI. I didn't
understand when he said her urine looked fine but she was spilling sugar. We did some blood
work and that following Mon, January 31st 2011 with one phone call, Ace's life was turned
upside down. I rushed her in to get her blood gasses done, and she started Dr. Gonto’s
Fanconi Protocol that night.  Blood tests, new food, pills, pills and more pills.

I emailed Liz Hansen, with Dr. Johnson's office, to let them know her status had changed, and
that I was worried about her pups. She said they would pull her and the 3 pups old samples
and re-run them. In March the tests were all re-run and this time Ace tested Affected, Joker
and Harley Quinn still came back Carrier, but Ra's was now testing Carrier, not Affected.

I know the test was never said to be 100% but after a few years and not knowing of any
errors...I, like many, slowly stopped test stripping like I should have been. We really lucked
out, we caught it early and we were not looking for it, and with Fanconi, finding it early is so
very important.

                                        So Please test strip, test strip, test strip!!!!

Owned and loved by
Dan and Jessica Ryno