Pepe Le Pew has a new brother, Quinn, who was "christened" tonight when he ran out to
the backyard and tried to maul the kitty cat that was on the back patio.  I was following
him out with the leash since he and I were going to ride to OfficeMax together.  However,
when Quinn kept trying to attack something in the darkest corner of the yard, I kept
screaming at him to stop it and come in.  When I finally saw this big, white, fluffy tail go
straight up, I ran back inside and slammed the door behind me.  Quinn raced back to the
door but couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him in, too.

Then the stench hit.  Dave was asleep on the sofa in the living room and woke up
instantly when the skunk smell drifted through, and that was with the doors and windows
shut. <g>

Anyway, I ran up to the computer, googled "removing skunk smell" and found I needed a
quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 2 teaspoons of liquid dish
washing soap.  Luckily, I live a block from CVS.  I left out the front door (watching
carefully for that skunk in case he decided to leave by the front gate), gave the
pharmacist my list, paid for my stuff, and was back home in 5 minutes mixing it up.  After
Quinn's bath water was drawn, I held my breath and went outside to put him on a leash
and walk him through the house.  Luckily, he really didn't have much smell on him, it was
mostly just in the air.  Apparently, the skunk liquid hit him square in the neck (note the red
mark on his neck in the attached picture) and his collar is now in the washing machine.  I
took him upstairs, soaped him up with the mixture, and held him still in the bathtub for 5
minutes while it went to work.  He now smells fresh as a daisy.

I don't know why the house still smells sort of "skunk-ish."  We're trying to air it out now.

So that was our excitement for the evening.  I hope the skunk knows not to come back
here.  Of course, he'll probably hang out in the front yard instead.  So that will allow
Jagger to get sprayed next. <g>

Sir Quinn Le Pew
Spot of Impact!